House Atrum Nox Noctis

House of the Darkest Night

Embrace the Darkness and realize Your full potential..


Hello, and welcome to House Atrum Nox Noctis. My name is An'Crezhal Anthysmal.

I am the founder of House Atrum Nox Noctis as well as a member of several other O.E.C. communities. House of the Darkest Night welcomes beings of all forms (Vampire/Vampyres, therians/lycans/other were-creatures, Otherkin, fea, etc.) to come learn and contribute.

We do not turn anyone away based on their experience or skill, we all had to start somewhere.

Please take time to browse the Dark Forums section, maybe you'll learn something.  Furthermore, I'd like everyone to make intro posts about themselves, helps us all get to know each other a bit better.

Yours truly,

An'Crezhal Anthysmal  



We are a group dedicated to helping real energy-workers, vampires, therians/weres, Otherkin, etc. and will not condone nor tolerate any RPers(Roleplayers)/RP-ish behavior.

We accept everyone for who they are and ask that you please keep in mind that your behavior not only reflects yourself as a person, but also others in this community in the eye of the public. If you you sincerely want to be apart of this community, and I mean this whole world as a whole, at least do your homework on it. If you don't know much about this, feel free to ask people questions; more often than not, they'll be more than happy to help you understand and progress on your own journey.